Penrith Farms has been a place for troubled young adults since the 1980’s. If you are searching for a young adult program because your child is suffering from a failure to launch then you need look no further. More and more parents are having children that are unable to properly launch into adulthood. After high school, if they graduate, they seem to flounder and start diving into escapism. As parent, you have an adult child on your hands.
At Penrith Farms, we use a work based farm environment to teach adolescents responsibility and life skills. We are one of many programs in existence but differ in method. Penrith Farms doesn’t try to pass itself off as a clinical environment. There are no clipboards at Penrith Farms, we try to deal with reality. We like to create real situations with real consequences that adult children are required to face. How’s that for a place for troubled young adults? We have a history of success.
You need to ask yourself a question. Is your child suffering from severe mental health issues? While Penrith Farms is equipped to work with students that have mental health issues that is not our focus. What we find is that a mental health issue is not a requirement for one to fail to launch. However, we do find that young adults with mental health issues have a higher chance of failing to launch.
The important thing to remember is that one does not necessarily follow from the other. Earlier we said severe because if your child is suffering from a severe mental illness than it is best to work with an educational consultant rather than find a program on your own. So a place for troubled young adults is something that you must get right. If we may recommend a place try contacting Mason and Associates or the IECA to find a consultant near you.

Written by Penrith