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Failure to launch programs help young adults finish transitioning into adulthood. The age range for any specific program varies from one program to the next but young adults refers to anyone 18 to 34. This definition can vary because adults are usually individuals with the big three: career, education, and family. The assumption is that ...
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What is failure to launch therapy? It is not always your “traditional” sit-down therapy with a therapist. Failure to launch syndrome is not a DSM diagnosis but psychologists recognize it. You should start with a therapist to rule out underlying mental health conditions. This is because mental health conditions, if present, can exasperate behaviors that ...
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Failure to launch syndrome is the inability to transition into adulthood. Along with adulthood comes independent living. Every year more and more young adults lack the necessary life skills to make this transition. This lack of skills can be due to a lack of desire or preparation to be independent and self-reliant. For many young ...
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