We encourage all young adults that come to Penrith Farms to continue their education and transition into adulthood.  Whether that means they complete their GED, finish high school, attend college, or just take some courses online to discover something that interests them.  They all can play an important role in students determining what they want to do after leaving Penrith Farms.  Parents play an important role in this aspect of the program. 

Continuing their schooling can be apart of a students plan to transition into adulthood with the help of their parents.  Some students never pursued higher education and having a plan with the support of family increases their likelihood of success.  Some students have already been to school but failed out for one reason or another.  At Penrith they will the opportunity to earn their parents trust back and finish their schooling. 

Education is important to learn from our  life skills  program, transition into adulthood, and in acquiring a work ethic. Work ethic is required for students to learn priorities of work and to actually do the work they need to accomplish. Education is an important part of transitioning into adulthood because students make more opportunities available to them then they would without one. In all this, Education is simply a life skill within itself. All these tools students will have the opportunity to acquire while at our  failure to launch program


Newport High School 

Newport High School is the local high school and offers a traditional high school education. If students do not wish to attend a traditional High School then they may attend the Alternative High School program.  The Alternative High School Program being at one’s own pace.  If a student is eager to jump into college then they may complete High School through the Running Start Program. Consequently, the Running Start program allows students to receive college credits and high school credits for the courses they take. 

Spokane Community College 

In Newport, Spokane Community College has an office where students can take 100 and 200 level college courses. This branch of the main campus in Spokane, WA allows students to take advantage of the Running Start program, begin working on an Associate of Arts degree, or get some college courses under their belt before transferring to a different college or university. 

Spokane Falls Community College 

Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, WA is an available option and we arrange transportation on a client by client basis.  With this in mind, the opportunity to complete an Associate of Arts degree or College Level Vocational Program becomes a viable option for most students and is encouraged.