What is failure to launch therapy? It is not always your “traditional” sit-down therapy with a therapist. Failure to launch syndrome is not a DSM diagnosis but psychologists recognize it. You should start with a therapist to rule out underlying mental health conditions. This is because mental health conditions, if present, can exasperate behaviors that may be contributing to the failure to launch. After finding a therapist, a good failure to launch program for young adults can solve the issue.
Young adults that are in need of failure to launch therapy are usually afraid of failure. This is because some young adults are sheltered immune to the consequences of failure. Without that experience, young adults don’t experience failure so never really experience accomplishment. Without accomplishment young adults never develop set goals and interests. This indifference leaves them unmotivated to pursue a direction. A young adult program can help treat the problem.
Failure to launch therapy starts with a simple goal. Give the young adult clear responsibilities and natural consequences if they do not live up to the responsibility. Thus, at Penrith will we provide responsibility and consequences along with individual therapy. Because this therapy can help them increase their emotional awareness and their ability to communicate. Penrith Farms will treat them like the adults they need to be.
By being at Penrith Farms their enablement stops in their day to day lives. However, parents will need to be conscious of enabling them over the phone. We will be there to support them and to help them with their responsibilities. They will have expectations but they will always be realistic expectations. With little steps young adults receiving failure to launch therapy will begin to feel a small sense of accomplishment.
At Penrith Farms we live by the motto of: Communication, Cooperation, and Completion. Those three words describe responsibility and its fulfilment. The first part of failure to launch therapy is communication. Young adults will learn open communication at Penrith and will get it in return. Because communication will allow them to cooperate and ultimately complete their responsibilities. And completion of responsibilities is a part of being an adult.

Written by Penrith