Identity issues are a common occurrence that anyone can experience during their lifetime. Young adults tend to be more prone to this phenomenon as this is a formative period of time. When children finally leave the nest they need to chart out their own identity and this can lead to crisis. But what exactly are we talking about when we say identity and identity issues? 

Identity is that sense of self that tells us who we are and how we define ourselves. This sense of self is a compilation of many things such as: our gender, race, religion, or sexual preference. When a young adult struggles with their sense of self that is when identity issues can occur. This crisis can lead to anxiety,  depression, and other mental health problems. These issues can often times cause a sense of hopelessness and addiction. 

Now it is important to make a distinction between what is a crisis and what is a disturbance. An identity disturbance is usually associated with a personality disorder. A disturbance lacks a sense of continuity over time. An identity crisis is more about struggling to answer the question: Who am I? What makes me “me”? The distinction is important because Penrith Farms can help someone form their identity. A disturbance usually requires therapy and treatment. 

Penrith Farms is a place for those experiencing identity issues to explore themselves. The environment at our farm is conducive to identity exploration. This is because it is comprised of many young adults struggling with the same issues. Young adults at Penrith Farms are free to express themselves in what way they wish. Sometimes these issues resolves themselves by being away from parental identity foreclosures. Having more options sometimes allows young adults to see that the initial option was the best option. 

Young adults are free to resolve these issues at our young adult program. That is because the main focus at Penrith Farms is Communication, Cooperation, and Completion. We focus on being honest and fulfilling commitments. We care about keeping a working farm operational. Someone’s identity has little to do these goals so please: be who you are going to be and be it strong.