Yes, Penrith Farms is a working farm for troubled young adults. But we don’t like to think of ourselves that way. “Troubled” has a bit of an ominous negative vibe attached to it. At Penrith Farms, we tend to think of young adults as unmotivated or bored rather than troubled. Or, if you think about repetition, some young adults have been doing nothing for so long they’re quite good at it. Why stop doing something you’re good at and try something new?
Part of what we aim to do at Penrith Farms is create new habits and motivate young adults. A working farm is full of responsibilities that we share with young adults that come to Penrith. Students will feed animals, keep fires lit in the winter so plants don’t die, and harvest crops. Many of the chores on a farm are essential for proper functioning so we cannot ignore responsibilities.
A working farm for troubled young adults should do all these things. We usually find that young adults either gravitate towards plants or animals. Penrith Farms will give these young adults the opportunity to take care of either or both. Taking care of anything, plant or animal or otherwise, forces responsibility to develop. If not, what is being taking care of becomes neglected and ill. Responsibility is an essential motivator through life because being responsible means you do things even when you don’t want to.
Responsibility can also instill a sense of identity as we identify more with our own personal responsibilities. Please call for more information today. Whether you are looking for a failure to launch program, a life skills program, or a working farm for troubled young adults, we can help. Thanks.

Written by Penrith