There are many programs for unmotivated young adults out there. Some may come in the form of Wilderness Programs and others are more formal inpatient treatment facilities. Where to send a young adult really depends on the reason for a lack of motivation. Motivation is just a desire to do something so when we say someone is unmotivated it is just a lack of desire. So really the goal of any program for unmotivated young adults is to create new desires within the student.
Sometimes we need to figure out what motivation a young adult has, everyone has motivations. Or is there a cause to the lack of motivation? Penrith Farms will create a new perspective on motivations for students that come to our farm. At Penrith Farms students will participate in an actual working farm with real problems and real outcomes. Consequently, most programs for unmotivated young adults focus on counseling and deprivation environments. Such programs might work for some individuals but Penrith Farms chooses to focus on a more natural holistic approach.
At Penrith Farms students are in an environment with their peers and given guidance by our staff acting as mentors. There peers will be experiencing the same challenges as them and staff will be there to provide support. We say communication, cooperation, and completion at Penrith since needs and wants need to be communicated between all parties. All of us must cooperate together to accomplish our daily tasks. In the end, we need to complete our responsibilities because, on a farm, there are real consequences for failure. The importance of being on a farm cannot be stressed enough, a great many programs for unmotivated young adults are located within urban areas. That isn’t always the best thing for a student.

Written by Penrith