Programs for Young Adults at Risk is a bit of an odd statement. It begs the question what does that even mean? We are talking about young adults but how is that defined? If we are referencing fiction young adult means somewhere between the age of 13 & 18. In regards to young adult programs we refer to a young adult as 18 – 35 although some say 18 – 29. At Risk is a bit ambiguous too.
When we say someone is at risk, at risk of what? Are they at risk of smoking? Alcohol consumption? Hearing loss? High blood pressure? When we talk of at risk young adults we are talking about being at risk of transitioning into adulthood. Some might call this a failure to launch. And failure to launch programs for young adults maybe referred to as programs for young adults at risk.
At Penrith Farms we do not put a limit on the age of someone considered a young adult. The main requirement at Penrith Farms is that someone is over the age of 18. We prefer that someone who attends our young adult program does so in a voluntary status. Young adults that come to Penrith Farms can rest assured that we won’t let them fail.
Penrith Farms defers from most programs for young adults at risk since we create an environment that represents the “real” world. Now we know everything is the “real” world but when we say “real” world we mean “real” reactions and emotions. We don’t pretend that the way people react is the same as the way they are expected to react. People have emotions, people have bad days and they express them. These things get expressed at Penrith Farms but not at most programs for young adults at risk.
Young adults at risk that come to Penrith Farms have the opportunity to join a real working environment. This environment has real outcomes and will rely upon them to meet their obligations. We put young adults in an environment where they need to act like adults but have the opportunity to learn to be adults. That is the Penrith difference. Communication, Cooperation, and Completion.

Written by Penrith