What is a Life Skills Program? This is a common question because “life skills” is very non-descriptive. The concept of Life Skills is a generic term with a range of various skills underneath its umbrella. Life skills are the skills that help you face the challenges of life. They are skills needed for independent living and adulthood. Our life skills program meets the needs of the young adults attending Penrith Farms and it will help create a positive and productive growth within them. Some of the skills necessary for independent living are practical skills.
So what is a life skills program? Some of the practical skills students will learn are financial and employment based. While at Penrith Farms Young Adult Program students will have the opportunity to further their education. If education and training are not needed than they will have the opportunity to get a job in the local area. Part of being an adult is employment and students will get the chance to start down this path. But employment isn’t something you walk into with little to no effort.
Again, what is a life skills program? What about the psychosocial aspect of what we would call life? To get gainful employment there is a human to human dynamic that young adults need to learn. Some young adults that come to Penrith Farms may be well developed in this aspect but some may not. They will learn positive relationship skills that are absolutely necessary in the workplace. Not having these skills can cause someone to lose their job fast. They will also learn self-awareness and self-regulation. Both allow young adults to be reflective about their own behavior and control it. Also, out of these skills they will learn resiliency.
Students at Penrith Farms will learn healthy living through dietary and excercise habits. Students will need to be able to problem solve in adulthood and they’ll learn it at Penrith Farms. In what forum does all this take place in?  Penrith Farms creates the responsibilities and dynamics of employment where students can practice. Being late, disrespectful, off-task, and non-compliant at the workplace will have consequences.  Young adults will learn all these skills at Penrith Farms through practice due to the sheer nature of our environment.

Written by Penrith