Sometimes we here references to someone as a “troubled young adult,“ but what does that really mean? In someways, if I was a young adult I might find the term a bit offensive. In some places I have seen it written up as a implying a young adult has a mental illness which is a definition I do not like. Does it mean someone has emotional or behavioural problems? Maybe they suffer from substance or alcohol abuse? None of these definitions really works for Penrith Farms.
At Penrith Farms, when we say troubled young adult, we like to think of someone that is going through a crisis. The other ways of defining troubled doesn’t work for us because the reason for the trouble or the crisis is immaterial. What is important is that there is a problem not the symptoms of the problem. Penrith Farms will take the time to integrate your troubled young adult into our community. In our community they will surrounded by peers going through the same struggles and will receive guidance from our staff acting as mentors.
Students will also have the opportunity to make progress on social skills and work ethic by doing farm work. Our working farm transitions troubled young adults into adulthood and independent living. Breaking through any crisis or struggle they may have will be done with counseling. Counseling along with Communication, Cooperation, and Completion. Communication of needs and cooperating with others to achieve those ends or completion. Since Penrith Farms is an open farming community, students only need to succeed in getting their life in order.
Generally, most of the problems we run into at Penrith Farms are related to entitlement and entitled young adults. If your troubled young adult seems to fall into this category then we have the experience necessary to help you.

Written by Penrith